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Healing Connections: the Fire Element in Five Element Acupuncture

The Power of Love: the Fire Element in Five Element Acupuncture Love is at the essence of the Fire Element in Five Element acupuncture, and love connects. Humans cannot thrive in isolation. Maintaining a vibrant Fire Element is key to health in body, mind and spirit. The Fire Element, within us and around us, gives us the power to break

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A smoky landscape, like that of the Columbia River Gorge this summer during the massive Eagle Creek fire.
Earth - Late Summer

Fire, Ash, Earth: Late Summer in Portland & the Eagle Creek Fire

Five Elements, Portland and the Eagle Creek Fire Late Summer in Portland (the Earth Element) has brought us face-to-face with the Five Element cycle in the rawest form. As the Eagle Creek fire in Columbia River Gorge continues to burn, we see at play the fundamental energy of the creation or “sheng” cycle of Five Element theory. The ancient Chinese saw the Wood

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Image of Mt. Hood, symbolizing the Fire Element in Portland during the summer.
Fire - Summer

Summer, At Last: the Fire Element in Portland (Acupuncture)

Warmth and Sun: the Fire Element in Portland, Oh Joy! For a few fleeting weeks in July and August, the climate in Portland, Oregon, is transformed. Shifting from dreary, drizzly damp to sunny, dry warmth, Summer and the Fire Element in Portland has magically appeared! The shift to Summer and the Fire Element in Portland is often abrupt but typically

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