What is Five Element Acupuncture?

Five Element Acupunctureacupuncture calligraphy is a unique and powerful system of natural healing. Distinct from other forms of acupuncture, it is a comprehensive approach that treats the underlying causes of illness.

By treating the roots of illness, Five Element Acupuncture restores your natural ability to heal and brings harmony to body, mind and spirit. The goal is to produce lasting results and healing at a deep level, beyond simply relieving symptoms.

What conditions can Five Element acupuncture treat?

Five Element Acupuncture is a comprehensive and core-level approach with wide-reaching effects. Some of the reasons people seek out treatment include:

  • chronic pain (arthritis, fibromyalgia, accidents and injuries, joint pain, migraine headaches)
  • emotional conditions (anxiety, depression, stress, ADHD)
  • allergies and autoimmune conditions
  • respiratory conditions (asthma, bronchitis)
  • skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, acne)
  • women’s health concerns (menopausal transition, PMS, infertility)
  • male reproductive issues (BPS)
  • chronic fatigue
  • addictions (nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine)
  • insomnia
  • digestive problems (IBS, Crohn’s)
  • diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • adjunctive cancer therapy

What happens in a session?

Each session is uniquely designed to meet your individual needs. The first session begins with a comprehensive interview and evaluation, which are used to make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. This evaluation is followed by the first acupuncture treatment. The initial evaluation and treatment takes up to three hours to complete. Follow-up sessions usually take about an hour.

Each session includes an acupuncture protocol, in which hair-fine, sterile needles are inserted at acupuncture points to balance the body’s energy system. Moxibustion therapy — the burning of an herb, mugwort, over the acupuncture points — is often used along with acupuncture. An herbal prescription may also be given as part of the session. Nutritional, lifestyle and exercise recommendations are provided as needed.

How many sessions are needed & how often?

Because Five Element Acupuncture is an in-depth and comprehensive approach to healing, the number and frequency of treatments needed for optimal results will depend on an individual client’s needs. During the initial visit, a treatment plan is created which includes a recommended number and frequency of sessions. Typically, clients are treated once a week for the first five to ten weeks. As the client’s condition improves and the energy system is brought into balance, the frequency of treatment is gradually tapered off. Five Element Acupuncture is preventive as well as curative, and many patients choose to include periodic acupuncture sessions as part of their personal wellness program

What are the origins of Five Element Acupuncture?

Five Element Acupuncture in the West owes its beginnings to J.R. Worsley, a British osteopathic physician. He was among the first Westerners to study traditional medicine in Asia, during the mid-20th century. He learned the system in the traditional way, through apprenticeship with master physicians. He was dedicated to passing it on as it had been taught to him. While schools and programs of study have formed in subsequent years, apprenticeship and intense clinical study with master acupuncturists remains a cornerstone of the education. All certified practitioners of Five Element Acupuncture trace their lineage to J.R. Worsley’s teachings.

In 1999, the Worsley Institute was formed as an independent non-profit organization to preserve and promote Worsley Five Element Acupuncture.

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