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Portland Five Element Acupuncture & Zero Balancing Testimonials

Testimonials: Stories of Healing


Back Pain & Depression

Before beginning acupuncture with Liz, I had excruciating pain in my entire back. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and was taking several medications for the pain. Since receiving acupuncture, not only has my pain nearly gone away, but other problems, such as my chronic depression, also resolved. This has been a profound overall healing experience for me.

Because of the complexity of my pain, I also receive Zero Balancing treatments to address both structural and energetic aspects of my problems. I feel as good or better after a Zero Balancing treatment than I do after receiving a massage.

After taking a combination of acupuncture, herbs and Zero Balancing for a few months, I went from excruciating pain and depression to almost total relief from my pain and no depression at all. I notice a tremendous difference when I don’t take my herbs. They are a powerful form of medicine that works much better than any Western medication I had taken. I received more relief from depression after taking herbs for 2 days than I did from 15 years of taking antidepressants.

Liz is an intelligent, thoughtful and mindful practitioner. She listens to you and your body and strives to provide complete healing. A true healer! – Portland, Oregon

Depression & Hormonal Imbalance

I felt very supported by Liz Zenger in my decision to stop taking antidepressants. Liz successfully treated me with Five Elements acupuncture and Chinese herbs during the weaning phase from the medication and beyond. She has also helped me with other health issues ranging from a chronic cough to hormonal imbalances. Liz is conscientious, dedicated to her work, always professional, and a good listener. – Portland, OR

Allergies & Back Pain

I originally saw Liz for acupuncture to help with seasonal allergies. The treatment greatly reduced the severity of my symptoms. Also, after throwing out my back, Liz performed a type of body work called “Zero Balancing”, which almost immediately stopped the pain. I’ve recommended her to several friends, and will continue to do so whenever anyone needs an acupuncturist. – Portland, OR


Elizabeth has incredible skill. Her knowledge of acupuncture and herbal medicines is deeper than any other person I have met who claimed the same skills. I initially went to her for help with bronchitis, which was in its seventh week (and I was still having coughing spasms numerous times a day and even at night). Within the first week after my first acupuncture session with her and taking the herbs she prescribed, the bronchitis was knocked down to a quarter what it was. I saw her again the next week within that week the bronchitis had just about gone. – Portland, OR

Grief & Emotional Distress

I was referred to Dr. Liz Zenger by my grief counselor following the sudden and tragic death of my adult son. In addition to suffering significant emotional distress, I was dealing with a variety of physical ailments. At the time, I relied on many different medications to manage these health issues. Within a short period of time, I reduced my medications from five to one through my acupuncture treatments. Liz is a highly skilled practitioner and extremely compassionate person. Her expertise combined with the calm and peaceful environment she provides, makes for a wonderfully therapeutic experience. Acupuncture with Liz is an ongoing part of my health and wellness program. I highly recommend Liz to others seeking acupuncture services. – Portland, OR

Personal Growth

I have been receiving regular acupuncture treatments from Liz for about 5 years. I first went to acupuncture out of curiosity, and did not have a particular health concern. I did not get results right away, but after about a month I realized that I was responding differently to many life situations. I used to anticipate problems so much that I became very stressed out. I no longer react this way. I let situations present themselves and I respond. I am much more relaxed, as well as more aware of my surroundings. I am also more in tune with the needs of my body, my intuition and my spiritual needs.

Liz is very intuitive and intellectual. In the beginning, I expected her to give me answers. Now, I realize that she knows that only I can provide the answers, and she is there to help my energy flow. When I am balanced, I am more focused and can find the answers.

I am a health care provider and meet many people who can benefit from acupuncture. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how Five Element acupuncture can help them overall. Some people believe they can just take a pill and their pain will go away. In reality, not all pain is organic, and that is one reason acupuncture can help. You have to be open to it. – Portland, Oregon

Emotional & Physical Well-Being

I have been seeing Five Element practitioners for a long time, and originally sought out Liz after a move across the country and general upheaval. It helped a lot to get grounded and move forward again. Acupuncture helps especially to stabilize my mood. I have tried other kinds of acupuncture, but I stick with Five Element because it feels the most holistically beneficial. Liz is warm and kind and knows her stuff. Thank you, Liz! – Portland, Oregon

Acupuncture has kept me healthy. Going on a regular basis helps me maintain a sense of balance and a healthier perspective. I always feel lighter and more in control after a treatment. Liz also prescribes herbs to help me sleep. I use them when I need them, and they help tremendously. Liz is a very skilled practitioner. She is very consistent, thoughtful, intentional and kind. I trust Liz because she cares for my well-being in a highly competent and compassionate way. – Salem, Oregon

I have benefited from acupuncture in a multitude of ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever problems I present, acupuncture has been beneficial and effective. I have received acupuncture from many different acupuncturists, and I have found Liz to be exceptional in Five Element acupuncture. Five Element is more effective and gets faster results, in my opinion, than TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture. – Lake Oswego, Oregon

Chronic Pain

I suffered from chronic neck and arm pain following multiple motor vehicle accidents. Other forms of treatment were never able to resolve the pain. Five Element acupuncture eliminated the pain that I was dealing with for years. Liz is caring and professional. – Portland, Oregon

I suffered sixteen months of very poor health, including severe abdominal pain resulting from pancreatitis. I felt that Western medicine was not getting me anywhere in terms of improving my overall health. I came to acupuncture because I wanted to regain my physical and emotional health and strength, and I have! I have used other forms of acupuncture, but they seemed very focused on symptoms. Five Element acupuncture works on my whole body and mind to activate life energy. It feels much more holistic. Liz is a wonderful practitioner, caring and yet remarkably professional. She seems to have a wealth of understanding about acupuncture and very solid technique. – Portland, Oregon

I originally turned to acupuncture in 1995 for relief from chronic pain following a broken ankle. The acupuncture treatments were successful way beyond what I had imagined and I have continued to get my body “tuned up” ever since. Acupuncture has been particularly helpful in recovering from bouts of pneumonia. – Gresham, Oregon

Pain Relief & Well-Being

Thank you so much, Liz, for your skill, professionalism, Zen perspective and friendship. Working with you has helped with pain relief, health and a sense of ease that has been a blessing in my life. My body opens again and again to drinking from that bottomless spring that is ever anew. – Lake Oswego, Oregon

I originally came to Liz for a bruised tailbone, which quickly healed after a couple of treatments. However, I have continued treatments because something else occurred…I connected to a deeper part of myself. I have been seeing Liz for eight years now. I have grown and strengthened physically, spiritually and emotionally in ways I never dreamed possible. – Portland, OR

I’ve been seeing Dr. Zenger for over five years now, and I recommend her so often that I typically carry a few of her cards in my purse. I started having acupuncture treatments originally because of a badly sprained ankle that still hadn’t healed after four months. I had hurt it at a time in which I was going through some difficult emotional things, and I felt that the emotional and physical had gotten tangled up somehow. Everyone in my family had done some type of acupuncture, so it seemed a good time for me to try it too. I’m so glad I did! Not only did the ankle heal up, but the ongoing maintenance treatments have helped me through so many other things as well. I discovered that I had a mind-boggling number of food allergies, and the treatments helped not only with the detox period, but also with the resulting emotional/spiritual grief involved in making such a major life change. I play recreational soccer, and Dr. Zenger’s work has assisted in healing two sprained ankles. – Portland, OR

Migraines, Eczema, Stress

Dr. Zenger has brought me relief from eczema, migraines, stress and restored me to a more balanced view of how to care for myself and how acupuncture and zero balancing can provide a deep sense of well-being that lasts. I always leave feeling restored and at ease. – Portland, OR

High Blood Pressure & Acne

I came to acupuncture because I wanted to clear up severe cyclical acne. In the past, I could only control it with hormonal treatment. I have been amazed at how well the acupuncture has worked to completely heal a problem I had for 30 years. I wish I had tried it sooner. In addition, I had started to develop high blood pressure, despite a regular routine of exercise and a healthy diet. After several months of acupuncture treatment, my blood pressure returned to normal. With regular acupuncture sessions, my overall health has improved. I feel more balanced. Chinese herbs have also been very helpful. My family and I use them to prevent colds and flu during the season. Liz is an excellent practitioner. She is a good listener and very thorough. I recommend her with enthusiasm! – Portland, Oregon

Smoking Cessation

My original reason for turning to acupuncture was to quit smoking. I had tried to quit unsuccessfully two previous times. With acupuncture, I was able to quit smoking without the use of nicotine patches or gum. I haven’t smoked in a year and a half. Acupuncture also gave me greater mental clarity, a sense of calmness and a more positive attitude. Liz is a wonderful listener and very professional. She is gentle and precise. – Portland, Oregon

I decided to quit smoking last summer. I had some medical issues that made this important to do. I talked to lots of people, did a lot of research about the best methods for quitting smoking, and finally decided on acupuncture and hypnotherapy. I started Five Element acupuncture about a month before I quit and I immediately saw a difference in how I felt. I slept better and slept more than I had ever slept in my life. When I finally quit smoking, I had only one difficult week. I felt strong, I felt healthy and I didn’t feel any physical or emotional withdrawal symptoms. This was a very different experience than when I had previously tried to quit smoking, and my body fell apart. That time, I got sick and stayed sick for almost five months. This time, I was healthy the whole time I was quitting. I attribute that directly to the acupuncture. I have continued the acupuncture through my first year of quitting and I don’t think I could have quit successfully without it. – Portland, Oregon


I initially came to acupuncture to quit smoking, but a side benefit has been the ability to sleep better. I had been taking medication to help me sleep for years and even with the medication, I barely slept 5 hours a night. I now sleep regularly most of the time and frequently experience a full eight hours of sleep. I had forgotten how good it felt to sleep. Thank you Liz! – Portland, Oregon

Skin Rash

Liz is by far one of the most competent and well versed acupuncturist I have ever visited for sessions.

I recently saw her following a mysterious rash on my neck and hairline. My dermatologist felt it was a topical allergic reaction and prescribed steroids. I knew this was a mask not a solution. After changing all of my personal products to hypoallergenic without relief, I made a call to Liz. After the first session it started clearing up. The noticeable change surprised me!

I have several stories like these about Liz’s treatments/ability. She is great with allergies, fatigue, grief, and pain of all types. I love that she does more than put in the needles, leave the room, and come back in 20 minutes. She practices traditional Chinese acupuncture with moxa, does in and out needling, and the five element acupuncture appears to be more precise and effective (at least to me) than traditional mainstream acupuncture. She spends a lot of time with you in session and her intentions for your health is evident in her approach. Last, this may sound like a small thing, but I also love how her treatment rooms look and feel. They are warm, soothing and aesthetically pleasing. – A.T., Portland

Seasonal Allergies

I originally came to Liz Zenger seeking relief from seasonal allergies. After eight treatments, my allergies were reduced by about 90%. I had previously seen an acupuncturist who practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While I experienced temporary relief, the results did not last. With Five Element acupuncture, I have experienced ongoing cessation of my allergies. Liz is always professional, organized and pleasant. – Portland, Oregon

Fertility Enhancement

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over six years. We were going through in vitro and the clinic suggested that it would be good to incorporate acupuncture. We did, and it has been fantastic. I really feel that Liz has been a big part of the birth of our son. I believe that without the acupuncture, the in vitro would not have been successful. I still go to acupuncture, because of how wonderful it makes me feel. Liz is a very caring, knowledgeable, compassionate person, and truly amazing at what she does. Thank you, Liz, for all the help you have given me, and most of all for making it possible for me to have my beautiful son. – Portland, Oregon

Knee Pain

I recently broke my knee cap, and had surgery to repair it. I was afraid my knee would never be the same again. With the first acupuncture session following surgery, my knee felt so much better. I was amazed by how well I have recovered. I have been telling everyone that if they have any pain, they should come to Liz for acupuncture. – Portland, Oregon

When I moved to Portland in 2007, I knew I wanted to find a Five Element practitioner here. I was suffering from knee pain that had caused me to quit my part time job. In my first session with Liz, I could tell that she is extremely knowledgeable and competent. I have also used Chinese herbs successfully to lessen the knee pain, shorten the duration of colds, and improve libido. – Gresham, Oregon

Chronic Fatigue & Toxicity

Acupuncture has helped me recover from chronic health issues which originally resulted from toxic exposure. I have restored energy and vitality, and the original symptoms are now 95% resolved. I have done other forms of acupuncture, and Five Element is the only acupuncture that has actually addressed my underlying health problems. Zero Balancing seems to boost my response to the acupuncture, and herbal medicine has helped strengthen my overall “qi.” Liz has deep skill and well-honed intuition to facilitate profound healing for her clients. She brought my body through a series of chronic health symptoms that Western medicine was not able to even diagnose, much less identify an appropriate treatment. Her work has returned me to a place of restored strength, vitality and — equally important — renewed hope. She has been a true blessing in my life. – Portland, Oregon

Neck Pain (Torticollis)

In 1985, along with the shingles, I developed a spasmodic torticollis and tremor. Biofeedback helped me relax enough to sleep without pills, but life was generally miserable, with panic attacks. I was a mess!

Acupuncture gave me my life back. While it did not resolve the spasmodic tremor, it helped with the other symptoms and gave me the resources to cope. Herbs were also necessary in the beginning. Liz is kind, low-key, easy to talk to, and gives me a feeling of confidence. – Portland, Oregon

Kidney Stones

When Dr. Zenger found out that my husband was struggling with an acute attack of kidney stones, she was traveling. In her compassion, she responded immediately to his needs and ordered Chinese herbs to be shipped directly to our home. My husband was experiencing intermittent pain, sometimes as high as a 9 on a scale of 1-10. He was passing stones frequently. As soon as the herbs were available, my husband began treatment. Amazingly, he has not had any more discomfort since beginning the medication given by Dr. Zenger. No more pain. No longer continuously passing stones. We are so very thankful for Dr. Zenger’s expertise and compassion. – Joseph, Oregon

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