Zero Balancing Educational Resources

Research on Zero Balancing

Duncan, AD, et. al, Employee use and perceived benefit of a complementary and alternative medicine wellness clinic at a major military hospital: evaluation of a pilot program. J. Altern. Complement Med. 2011 Sep; 17(9):809-15.

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Denner, SS, The Science of Energy Therapies and Contemplative Practice – A Conceptual Review and the Application of Zero Balancing. Holistic Nursing Practice (November/December 2009)

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Recommended Reading

Smith, Fritz F. Inner Bridges. Humanics Ltd., 1986.
Note: This is the classic introduction to the principles of ZB. A must read!

Smith, Fritz F. The Alchemy of Touch. Complementary Medicine Press, 2005.
Note: Dr. Smith’s second book on mastery of ZB.

Hamwee, John. Zero Balancing. Frances Lincoln Ltd. 1999.

Lauterstein, David. The Deep Massage Book. Complementary Medicine Press. 2011.
Note: Applying ZB principles to soft tissue work.

Lauterstein, David. Life in the Bones. Upledger. 2017.
Note: Remarkable biography of Fritz Smith and the history of Zero Balancing.

Sullivan, Judith. Zero Balancing Expanded: The Attitude of Awaiting a Fish. Upledger. 2014.
Note: Advanced practice techniques for internal organs, skull and working with children.

Organizations Which Support Zero Balancing

Inner Works Acupuncture is a comprehensive acupuncture clinic in Portland focused on helping people on a journey to full-body emotional, physical and spiritual wellness through Five Element Acupuncture and Zero Balancing bodywork. To learn more, use these Zero Balancing educational resources or contact our office at (503) 227-2127.