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Winter & the Water Element in Five Element Acupuncture: New Video

Winter & The Water Element:  Elusive, Impenetrable, Hidden

The frozen landscape of Winter appears barren and lifeless, covered with an ocean of snow. Life has gone underground, hibernating. This is the season of the Water Element – elusive, impenetrable and hidden.

The Inner Spirit of Water: Potency & the Will to Survive

Everything in Winter is concentrated down to essentials, but is full of potency. Like a seed that lies dormant, an entire life cycle is packed into its tiny hull, waiting to be released by the warmth of Spring. The miracle is that life does endure through this harsh and challenging time. The inner spirit of Water energy is the will to survive when things are tough.

Winter: Time to Rest & Build Up Reserves

Like the rest of nature, our energy returns to its root in Winter. You may feel tired or bothered by aches and pains. This is a time to rest, build up reserves, and not push for visible results. Trust that the work is happening within, and will bring forth a vigorous Spring.

Video Credit:  JC Cinematography with many thanks!

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