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Twelve Tips for Seasonal Allergy Relief in Portland

Allergy Relief in Portland

After months of dreary overcast, Portlanders joyfully welcome the arrival of warm, sunny weather and the opportunity to bask outdoors. Unfortunately, for some this weather brings a significant downside: runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion.  It’s time for allergy relief in Portland!
Seasonal allergies to pollen and other contaminants are a common complaint in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, proper wellness habits and treatment can provide allergy relief in Portland and eliminate the need for dependence on pharmaceuticals. Here are a few tips for treatment and self care:

Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

  • Begin acupuncture treatment several months prior to the allergy season for optimal results. While treatment during the season can reduce symptoms, treatment prior to the season will help prevent symptoms from developing.
  • Chinese herbs provide a natural alternative for relieving allergy symptoms and are free of side effects.

Home Health Tips

  • Coming in from outdoors, change clothing and shower to remove pollen from your body and hair.
  • Change bedding, especially pillow cases, frequently.
  • Keep bedroom windows shut, if possible.
  • On days with high pollen count, stay indoors and run an air conditioner. Pollen counts are highest in the morning hours (5 to 10 AM).
  • Wear a filter mask when doing outdoor chores like gardening.
  • Clean house and vacuum frequently. Hard floor surfaces are easier to keep clean than carpeting.
  • Purchase and use a high-quality HEPA filter. (I prefer Austin Air filters, but many other products are available.)

Personal Hygiene

  • Use a neti pot or other form of nasal irrigation daily. This helps reduce sinus inflammation and removes dead tissue.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. (Divide your body weight in pounds by two to determine how many ounces of water you need per day; e.g., a 150 lb. person should drink 75 oz. of water per day.)


  • Eliminate dairy products from your diet for one month to check for food sensitivities. Dairy tends to contribute to mucus formation. After a month with no dairy, slowly reintroduce dairy products and see how you respond.
  • Cut back on refined carbohydrates, sugars and foods containing gluten. These foods contribute to inflammation in the body and hence exacerbate the allergic response.
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