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Turning Inward: Autumn and the Metal Element (Part I)

Nature in Decline

The signals of Autumn, season of the Metal Element, are dramatic and unmistakeable. Chill winds strip leaves from the trees, and rain spatters on the roof and windows.  Nuts clatter to the ground.

All of nature is in decline. There’s a new but welcome tiredness as Late Summer, season of the Earth Element, comes to an end. Enough is enough. Time to turn inward and rest.

Breaking Down and Letting Go

The harvest ends, as foliage withers and fruit falls. Whatever has not been gathered will rot in the fields. Nature wastes nothing. This process of decomposition is a fundamental part of the life cycle, returning essential nutrients to the soil. The break down that occurs in Autumn lays the groundwork for a vigorous Spring when the cycle of life will be renewed.

Taking in Value and Quality

The letting go and decay of Autumn allows the old to depart so that the new can be nourished and grow. Whatever is of value can sorted out, recycled and taken up again. The rest can be discarded. Likewise, Metal within gives us the ability to recognize value and take it in. Metal brings quality and refinement to every dimension of body, mind and spirit.

Turning Inward

At the same time, Metal energies also give us the ability to let go of whatever does not serve us in our lives. The hustle and bustle drops away. We become more open to our inner worlds. Autumn is a good time for reflection, introspection and spiritual practice.

(The next blog post will discuss the Metal Element in the human body, mind and spirit.)

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