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Spring and the Wood Element: Restoring Health

Spring and the Wood Element: Rebirth and Renewal No matter how dark and cold the depths of Winter may seem, life surges forth in Spring. The shift can seem miraculous. As long as the earth turns, light and warmth return. For all living things, including humans, Spring is a time of renewal, birth and growth. The ancient Chinese observed the

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Five Element Acupuncture and Depression: Treating the Root

Five Element Acupuncture and Depression: a Paradigm Shift Five Element acupuncture is rooted in holistic, ecological understanding of human emotions and emotional distress. Radically different from Western biomedicine, the paradigm of Five Element theory opens up new perspectives on healing from depression. We see choices that we couldn’t see before, and can embrace new options in treatment and lifestyle. Changing

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Wood - Spring

Five Element Acupuncture: the Wood Element Within

Five Element Acupuncture and the Wood Element Within Us Five Element Acupuncture associates the Wood Element with Spring, and with the energy of Liver and Gall Bladder Officials in the human body, mind and spirit. What are Officials? What does that connection mean for our health and well-being? This blog post explores Five Element Acupuncture and the Wood Element within

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Wood - Spring

The Up Side of Anger: the Wood Element in Five Element Acupuncture

Angry about Anger: the Wood Element Peeved. Irritated. Annoyed. Impatient. Frustrated. Resentful. Indignant. Enraged. Aghast. Livid. Furious. Is anger always a “bad” emotion? Chinese Five Element acupuncture sees anger as the emotional aspect of the Wood Element, encompassing both constructive and destructive power. Anger is part of our nature as human beings, rooted in instinct. Like all instinctive emotions, it

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