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Health and Wellness New Year

Health and Wellness in the Lunar and Solar New Year

The New Year:  a Turning Point in Health and Wellness In Western culture, we mark the New Year as a time for new beginnings, conscious change and renewal.  It’s a time to leaving behind whatever challenges, excesses and regrets we may have had about the past year.  For many, the New Year is time for a fresh start on improving

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chinese herbs - ginger
Food & Recipes

5 Chinese Herbs in Your Kitchen—And How to Use Them

Most modern-day Westerners don’t realize that many medicinal herbs are also foods, or that certain foods possess medicinal qualities. Nutritional therapy has historically played an important role in Chinese herbal medicine and continues to do so today. Many ordinary Chinese people continue to pass along folk knowledge of the medicinal properties of common foods, herbs, and seasonings used in everyday

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