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Zero Balancing for musicians
Energy Healing

Zero Balancing for Musicians: the Energetics of Performance

Guest Author: Dave Monette; Dave creates musical instruments in Portland, Oregon, and assists clients in “tuning the real instrument” through Zero Balancing for musicians.* Zero Balancing for Musicians Tunes the Real Instrument! As a custom musical instrument maker, I have devoted the last 35 years to helping musicians makemore music with less effort. I find Zero Balancing is an ideal

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Wood - Spring

Cosmic Reboot: Spring and the Wood Element

Part I: The Essence of Wood Energy There’s a special, sensual delight when the first signs of Spring appear. Light returns and life awakens. The darkness and dormancy of Winter departs. Trees bud out. Seeds burst from their pods. Birds return. Young creatures are born. The transition from Winter to Spring – from Water to Wood – is perhaps the

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