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Image of a woman receiving Zero Balancing bodywork as treatment for motor vehicle accident trauma and injury.
Health Tips

Treating Motor Vehicle Accident Trauma & Injury with Acupuncture, Herbs & Bodywork

If you’ve ever been in an automobile accident, you know that aches and pains may manifest after the initial shock wears off and can persist for months or even years afterward. What can you do when you must return to your daily activities and responsibilities but are still plagued by chronic pain? Acupuncture, herbs, and bodywork may be the solution

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Image of a woman receiving acupuncture on her back as a treatment for chronic back pain.
Health Tips

Acupuncture & Non-Drug Therapies: First-Line Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

If you’ve suffered from back and neck aches or other types of chronic pain, you’ve likely tried pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate your symptoms. These short-term solutions and their side-effects can be just as frustrating as the condition causing your pain. Furthermore, their potential long-term effects, such as addiction, drug resistance, or liver damage, might actually be worse than the pain

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Image of Mt. Hood, symbolizing the Fire Element in Portland during the summer.
Fire - Summer

Summer, At Last: the Fire Element in Portland (Acupuncture)

Warmth and Sun: the Fire Element in Portland, Oh Joy! For a few fleeting weeks in July and August, the climate in Portland, Oregon, is transformed. Shifting from dreary, drizzly damp to sunny, dry warmth, Summer and the Fire Element in Portland has magically appeared! The shift to Summer and the Fire Element in Portland is often abrupt but typically

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An image of a typical oyster mushroom found in the Portland area.
Food & Recipes

The Mighty Oyster Mushroom in Portland’s Forests: Culinary, Medicinal, Cleansing

Portland’s Local Chinese Herbal Medicinal Mushroom: the Oyster Mushroom There’s a mighty mushroom that Chinese herbal medicine has used from ancient times, growing right here in Portland. Most people associate Spring in Portland with blooming azaleas and rhododendrons. This fantastic forest native gets overlooked – the oyster mushroom! On your next forest hike, take a closer look at dead logs and

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Wood - Spring

Cosmic Reboot: Spring and the Wood Element

Part I: The Essence of Wood Energy There’s a special, sensual delight when the first signs of Spring appear. Light returns and life awakens. The darkness and dormancy of Winter departs. Trees bud out. Seeds burst from their pods. Birds return. Young creatures are born. The transition from Winter to Spring – from Water to Wood – is perhaps the

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