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How Acupuncture Can Support Successful IVF Outcomes

Recent studies have indicated that a series of acupuncture sessions may have a positive effect on women undergoing the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) process. By reducing stress and stimulating fertility and receptivity, acupuncture may support a successful IVF outcome.

For many women, the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) can be challenging and exhausting. From the fertility drugs that stimulate egg production to the implantation process, there are many steps that can leave you feeling fatigued, frustrated, or disheartened, especially if the attempts are unsuccessful. However, there are some indications that a series of acupuncture sessions may support the IVF process and even contribute to successful implantation. If you are trying to conceive, read below to learn more about how acupuncture treatments may assist you during your IVF journey. 

How Acupuncture Addresses Fertility Challenges

Women with fertility challenges, such as amenorrhea, PCOS, or other ovarian dysfunctions may benefit from a series of acupuncture sessions. A 2019 systematic review of numerous clinical studies exploring the effect of acupuncture on successful IVF outcomes found that women with limited or decreased ovarian reserve and women who had previously experienced more than one implantation failure appeared to benefit from acupuncture treatment during the IVF process. As acupuncture treatment can strengthen and rebalance the natural menstrual cycle, boost ovarian function, foster endometrial receptivity, and minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression, these effects may contribute to a successful embryo implantation.

Support for Women Who’ve Already Been Through Unsuccessful IVF Attempts

While more research needs to be conducted in order to better understand the ways in which acupuncture treatment may improve the IVF success rate, the current studies indicate that acupuncture appears to be most beneficial to women who had already experienced one or more implantation failures. A meta-analysis conducted in 2019 found that women who received acupuncture treatment during a repeat IVF cycle were more likely to experience successful implantation than those who were undergoing their first round of IVF. Although it’s not clear exactly why this is, researchers hypothesize that women who have already experienced more than one failed IVF attempt may be more anxious or depressed, which can negatively affect bodily systems, including fertility. The acupuncture treatments may encourage relaxation and acceptance, allowing the body to be more receptive to implantation.

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Navigating fertility challenges can be draining and stressful for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whatever your specific struggles may be, it’s time to discuss your goals with an experienced Five Element acupuncturist who can develop a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs. 


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