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Feel the Love: The Fire Element and Summer (Part II)

The Fire Element Around Us

Warmth, joy and love are at the heart of Summer.  In Five Element acupuncture, these qualities are embodied in the Fire Element.  The sun, the ultimate source of Fire, is high in the sky and bathes us in sunshine. Summer is truly the zenith of activity in nature, as all things take in the sun’s energy.

In the Chinese cycle of Yin/Yang, the active principle (Yang) is at its maximum. We see a profusion of activity in nature during the long hours of daylight. In the Five Element cycle, Fire follows the Wood Element.  After the upsurge of plant life in Spring (Wood), foliage now fills out, flowers bloom and fruit begins to form. Every living thing soaks in the heat and light in order to mature and prepare for a good harvest in the season to come.

The Fire Element Within Us

In the human realm, the Fire Element manifests in body, mind and spirit.  The longer hours of daylight give us more time for both work and play. We have time and energy to relax, socialize and share the long evenings with friends and family. People are out and about, enjoying the warm weather. Festivals, picnics and weddings abound, reinforcing our feelings of joy and connection.

The warmth and light of Summer feeds our inner Fire and allows everything to flow. A healthy Fire Element makes us energetic, enthusiastic and engaged. Sharing through friendship and play comes more easily when we feel open, relaxed and connected. At the heart of the Fire Element is unconditional love, which permeates us on all levels.

The love that is the essence of the Fire Element is freely given to all living things, but it is not without boundaries. It has to be given and taken in proper measure at the correct time.
Out of control, Fire can scorch and destroy life. Too much heat, and plants will wither and die.

A healthy harvest in the months to come (the Earth Element in Late Summer) depends on the right amount of heat and light, as plants mature and transform during the long, warm days of Summer.

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