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Earth, Mother, Love: Late Summer and the Earth Element (Part II)

Late Summer, season of the Earth Element, is intimately connected with the harvest and the nourishment it brings. This is more than simply nourishment of the physical body. It is also the nurturing of mind and spirit that is essential to a full and healthy life.

The energy of the Earth Element is akin to the nurturing love of a mother for her child. We are fed and nourished by the Earth in a complete and unconditional way. Everything we have comes ultimately from the Earth. Earth is home, and gives us a sense of belonging that allows us to feel ease and peace.

Healthy Earth energy gives us feelings of security, stability and support that are the foundation for a balanced and harmonious life. The bounty of the harvest allows us to set stores aside for the future, and know we will have enough to meet our needs during the hardships of winter.

In the human body/mind, the Earth Element governs the energies of the digestive system on all levels. For our body/mind to be properly nourished, we must be able to take in, digest and assimilate food. Moreover, the nutrients we receive must also be transported and distributed to the parts of the body/mind where they are needed. The whole of our being must be fed. Balance within relies on healthy Earth energy to move and distribute nourishment.

Eating is always more than just providing metabolites in the form of food. Every meal is an aesthetic and social experience that nourishes the mind and spirit along with the body. Sharing a delicious and nourishing meal with those we love is an undeniable pleasure that infuses the whole of our being with satisfaction.

The quality of our mental and intellectual diet – what we feed our minds – is just as important as the food we eat. The Earth element governs our ability to take in, digest and assimilate facts, news, stories, information, knowledge and ideas.

The essence of motherhood is caring for the child, feeding, loving and supporting it as it grows. If Earth energies are healthy, the “mother within” is strong. We have the ability to take in what nourishes us and distribute it to the whole of our being. A person like this is well-rounded, balanced and secure.

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