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Fire - Summer

Crossroad of Wood & Fire

Seasonal crossroads are times of transformation in the inner and outer worlds. Adams Community Garden is an oasis of quiet tucked back from Cornell Road, a busy commuter thoroughfare between the City of Portland and its western suburbs. The Garden lies in the embrace of Forest Park, a miles-long wooded area within the City limits. In this peaceful, sylvan setting,

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Metal - Autumn


Lord: it is time. The summer was immense. Lay your shadow on the sundials and let loose the wind in the fields. Bid the last fruits to be full; give them another two more southerly days, press them to ripeness, and chase the last sweetness into the heavy wine. Whoever has no house now will not build one anymore. Whoever

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Earth - Late Summer

Summer’s Parting Dream: Late Summer and the Earth Element

A soft veil dims the tender skies, And half conceals from pensive eyes The bronzing tokens of the fall; A calmness broods upon the hills,And summer’s parting dream distills A charm of silence over all. — Henry Van Dyke In the midst of Summer’s joy, warmth and play — the picnics, the weddings, the family reunions, trips to the beach

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Fire - Summer


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date. Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare Warmth, joy, connection and love are the gifts of Summer and the Fire Element. In Spring, we experienced the essence of theWood Element.

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Water - Winter


Persephone, Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld “Though a country be sundered, hills and rivers endure; And Spring comes green again to trees and grasses.” In the poem, A Spring View, cited in the earlier blog post, A Spring View, Du Fu evokes the feeling of new growth and hope emerging after a time of war. We might

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Wood - Spring


Though a country be sundered, hills and rivers endure; And Spring comes green again to trees and grasses Where petals have been shed like tears And lonely birds have sung their grief. — Du Fu (ca. 750 C.E.), from A Spring View, trans. Witter Brynner Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu lived through many years of devastating warfare in his homeland

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Wood - Spring

THE SEASON OF MUD: Spring and the Wood Element

“The lotus blooms in muddy water.” (a traditional Buddhist saying) I make my home in Cascadia, the damp and forested bioregion of the Pacific Northwest which extends westward from the crest of the Cascades, through river valleys, old coastal mountains, and to the rugged beaches of the Pacific. Spring in Cascadia is a long, wet and messy affair. With mild

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